Sinful colours

29 Jun

I have found a new brand which I think I would say is now one of my favourites. I heard about sinful colours from someone i was following on YouTube and then I saw my friend at work painting her nails with it at lunch time one day.

I so far only have only one colour but I am in love with this brand already. I have wanted this particular colour for awhile and was planning on getting it from my favourite brand Barry M. However I was in Boots and happened to find the same colour in this new range.

First thing I love is the price, they are only £1.99, available at Boots. Now for the price I was a little dubious at first, everyone knows the saying ” You get what you pay for”. However I was pleasantly surprised. After just two coats I was happy with the coverage and loved how shimmery it looked. At work a lot of people commented on how nice the colour was.

I used my OPI top coat over the top and it lasted me the whole week which is good for me as usually by mid week I have chips due to my job (I spend half my day opening boxes and catching my nails on sticky tape) but this defiantly lasted better than some of my other polishes.


The following week I then tried it with my new nail technique which I will do a separate Blog on. Again the polish lasted the week. I plan to try some more colours as they have an amazing selection of colours and for the price I can definitely afford it.



Barry M Confetti Nail Effects

22 Jun

Well it’s been awhile since my last post. I am still as addicted to nail polish if not even more. I have brought loads of new nail polishes and have a lot of reviews for you guys.

I am going to start off with reviewing my recent purchase which is the confetti range from Barry M. When I went to Superdrug a few weeks ago they only had the black and white version left.

I think this is supposed to be a dupe for Nails Inc feather range. However I can’t compare as I haven’t tried it.

I applied my base coat as usual and then two coats of this confetti polish. I then applied a top coat. However even with a top coat it feels like the little bits are sticking up. I feel like this could be a nightmare near a fluffy jumper.

I think the effect looks amazing. It’s different. I have only tried it over a clear base boat, but I can imagine it will also look good over a range of colours. As much as I love the look, this is not something I would wear often as it’s a nightmare to get off. I have heard about this cotton wool and tin foil method to remove glitter polish but this is not something I have tried myself. I usually use my nail polish remover that comes in a pot ( I will review that separately) which means I have now been left with the bits in my pot so I am having to buy a new one.


Nails Inc Crackled Special Effects

21 Jul

So as previously mentioned I was going to try the Nails Inc version of crackle glaze to compare with Barry M. Now as you may know I am a big fan of the Barry M version and currently own it in the black and purple. I happened to be in TK Maxx and notice they had a trio of Nails Inc crackle for only £14.99 which is a good price considering they retail at £11 each. So I decided this was a perfect time to purchase them before they sold out ( if you see Nails Inc in TK Maxx and you want it, get it because by tomorrow it will be gone)

So the colours I went for where black, pink and purple. I looked on their website and they have about 12 different colours. I choose the ones I thought wud best co-ordinate with the colours I have. So the principle is just the same as with the Barry M, 1) Apply base coat 2) Apply two coats of chosen color 3) Apply crackle glaze 4) Apply top coat. Now the first difference I noticed was that unlike the Barry Mversion the polish didn’t dry on the brush as quickly allowing you a little extra time to paint your nails. As you will see from the picture the effect is different from the Barry M as it is more streaky than cracked and you can’t see as much of the colour underneath. In the picture I have used a pink by Nails Inc just to keep the brands matching.

This effect is good if u want more of shattered effect rather than crackle. Although I like it I think I prefer the Barry M as there is more of a balance between the crackle and the colour underneath. I have another two colours to try, I will post the pictures once I have tried them.

Barry M Chameleon Colour Changing Nail Effects

2 Jul

So I was just out shopping not intending to buy any nail polish when I spotted Barry M had a new collection called Chameleon Colour Changing Effects, available in three colours. The idea being that when a clear top coat is applied the colour changes. In theory this appears to be a good idea as it allows to create your own funky patterns. However you need to have a steady hand to create anything professional looking and you cannot put a top coat over to make it last longer as it will change it all to the same colour.

This would be better if there was only one polish that made it change colour rather than any clear coat. It is good as a look for a special event and if someone else is doing it for you. I much prefer the instant effects as there is no creativeness needed and you can apply a top coat to make it last longer.

I have to admit this is the second Barry M product that I have been disappointed with. Great concept but due to not being able to apply a top coat it is not a lasting effect as it will chip within a few days.

Barry M Instant Nail Effects Foil

2 Jul

So another favourite is from Barry M, is special effects foil. This comes in a few colours, I currently own the silver and purple (this is a special edition which is currently available, not sure how long for) These work amazingly on their own but also great with crackle special effects.

These colours are highly pigmented, giving the illusion of having foil wrapped on your nails. They look best with two coats as it makes them pop more. In the pictures you will see I have used the purple on its own and then added some glitter polish also from Barry M to add some extra sparkle. This is a very good look for a party or christmas.

One thing I have done since I was younger is use one colour over the other or add glitter over plain colours. When I was younger I didn’t have many pots of nail polish so I would experiment with one colour over the other to try and create new colours. I found that putting two light colours together works best for example a blue and pink which would create a purple.

Barry M Croc Nail Effects

2 Jul

Now unfortunately there is a nail polish from Barry m which I am disappointed with, this is the Croc effect. After trying the crackle glaze I was quite excited about the croc effect as I assumed it would be just as good as an effect. Unfortunately this was not the case. To apply it the same rules as the crackle apply, base coat, colour then croc effect. This effect only comes in black and I found that it is not as obvious or effective as the crackle. If you paint this on to thick the effect if barely noticeable it just appears that you have put on black polish as the under colour does not show through. If painted thinly the pattern does appear through but I haven’t quiet found a suitable colour to put underneath so that it is noticeable. I did find a review online were a woman used a hair dryer as the effect takes longer to appear but I was still not impressed by the effect.

The idea is great but unlike the crackle which is a very obvious pattern the croc is a lot more subtle and could go unnoticed. I am all about being noticed for my nails so I have not really used this since I first got it. I will try it again so that I can post a picture.

Barry M Instant Nail Effects Crackle

9 Jun

New pics added at the bottom. ( 22.06.13)

Barry M Nail Effects- Crackle has to be one of my favourite products, every time I wear it I get comments about how good it looks. I had first seen this concept of crackle glaze from OPI but was reluctant to buy it due to the price. But a few months later I spotted that Barry M had the same product for a fraction of the price and brought it straight away. The thing I love most about this polish is that you can wear over most colours, but I find that the black works best over either pastel or bright colours.

First step as always is to apply a base coat and then two coats of your chosen colour. Then the magic begins when you put on the crackle, you paint it on as if it’s a normal coat of polish the effect appears as the polish dries, the amount you put on will affect the pattern. The thicker it is the less it cracks and the bigger splodges you are left with. Dont ever try to paint back over the same spot as this will just take the crackle of, if you have missed a bit don’t worry as it will just add to the effect. After you have done all your nails I recommend using a top coat as it makes the crackle stand out from the under coat of colour.

I fell in love with the black crackle and had to go out and get another bottle but whilst there I also brought the purple version. I have so far only used this colour over my silver foil nail polish ( from Barry M which I will review soon) and Blueberry Ice Cream (from Barry M).  With the purple crackle it’s about finding the right colour to put underneath as it is not as versatile as the black, however the effect is still the same and looks amazing.



My favourite nail polish brands

9 Jun

Before I talk about specific pots of nail polish I thought I would tell you about my two favourite brands: Barry M and Nails Inc.

The main thing I love about Barry M is the cost, a normal shade costs £2.99 and then it goes up to £4.99 for the special effect pots ( which I will review soon). I first started buying Barry M back in around 2007 when I use to buy their eye shadows and noticed the nail polish was on offer and decided to give it a try. At first I wasn’t sure how good it would be due to the price, but I was pleasantly surprised, the colours are amazing and they paint on so easily. Now most of the time you do need to apply two coats on top of you base coat and it can take a while to dry but that’s where my favourite top coat Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen comes in, drying it in 30 seconds. My favourite colours are any from their pastel range they look fabulous on their own but are even better with crackle glaze over the top ( which I will do a review on).  I am currently in love with all their special effects range and will be reviewing each on separately. I would say that Barry M is affordable and amazing.

My other favourite brand is Nails Inc which is a slightly more expensive than Barry M but I have found a way round that thanks to TK Maxx. I first came across this brand when I got a free pot with a magazine, I had seen it on a shopping channel but had been put off by the price. After trying it I understood why it was more expensive, the quality is fantastic. Depending on the colour you can sometimes get away with just one coat of colour and I noticed that it does last a few days longer than other brands before it starts chipping. The average price for a normal colour is £11 and £13 for special effects which is quiet a price difference compared to Barry M. However TK Maxx currently are selling sets of 3 and 5 pots with saving of around £11.99 making it a little more affordable. I haven’t tried any of their special effects polishes yet but will be doing soon to compare them to Barry M. Nails Inc may cost a little bit more but you can not fault the quality, well worth the extra pennies.

From top coat… to base coat.

3 Jun

Now I haven’t found the perfect base coat as I try to get one to help strengthen my nails, but I am currently using one by Sally Hansen- Diamond Strength as I have weak nails when left unpainted. When it comes to base coats the brand isn’t as important just as long as you use one. It’s particularly important when using dark colours  and some bright colours ( for example yellow) as it prevents the colour staining your nails once you have removed it. I am sure some of you have used a dark red or blue, taken it off and been left with a slight tinge to your nails. I haven’t personally as I have been using base coat for as long as I can remember. However I have heard that lemon juice is suppose to help remove the discolouring. All I can say is invest in a bottle of base coat and protect your nails!

I cant live without…..

3 Jun

Sally Hansen’s Quick Dry Nail Polish- Insta-Dri. I have only been using this for about the past 4 months, but I wish I had known about it sooner. Before I had this nail polish I use to paint my nails just before going to bed as recommended by a friend, the idea being that there was less chance of knocking them and smudging them. However depending on how quickly I had fallen asleep I would sometimes wake up with indentations from my bed sheets and would end up having to re paint a few of the nails. Now I have this amazing bottle of quick dry, I don’t have that dilemma when I wake up in the morning.

I first discovered this top coat when I was working at a call centre doing nights, as it didn’t involve much movement I would paint my nails on a Friday night allowing them to dry smudge free within an hour. A couple of the other girls who sat near me soon started joining in, which is when I noticed one of my friends using a top coat from a red bottle. I asked what it was, she was shocked I hadn’t heard of it since I love painting my nails and I do them so often. She told me it was the best quick dry ever, I tried it and I have never looked back.

Now I have to point out that it makes your nails touch dry within 30 seconds, but not completely dry so if you were to knock it against something with an edge it would leave a mark but if you were to brush over it with a sheet for example there would be no mark. I finally found the answer to my bed time nail painting dilemma, I rushed to the shop the same weekend and brought it.

It  can be found in places like Boots and Superdrug it is usually located with all the other top coats and nail hardeners (as per picture, usually in a white box). It costs around £4 but a little goes along way I have had the same bottle for the past 4 months and I re-do my nails every week. Well worth the money!!!!